Combustion Linings Limited introduce a new concept in boiler door linings. The FIBRE LINER technique uses our unique method to solve the problem of renewing refractories on modern package-type boiler doors. With this system boiler shutdown is reduced to a few hours not days. There is no lengthy drying out or curing period required. As soon as the work is completed the boiler can be fired. For example, a small 660mm diameter door will take 3 to 4 hours to demolish the old unit, fabricate and install the new lining and then switch on the burner. It is not necessary to remove the old door or to disturb the burner gun. Provided the door is reasonably cool and can be swung open giving access to work there is no dismantling work involved.

Basically , the technique is to use ceramic fibre cut to size and fixed with a specially developed heat-resistant cement. Fibre strips are stuck on to form a tightly bonded refractory insulation which is incredibly light in weight and withstands temperatures over 1600°C. The system has been used on most types of boiler available in the U.K. and has been approved.

Because the technique uses an angle cut fibre there is no heat penetration between strips. This reduces heat on to the door steelwork and keeps heat losses to a minimum. This means more heat is retained in the boiler passes which improves boiler efficiency. This can be as high as 12% which represents considerable cash savings after a single heating campaign. For example a boiler with a 25 litre per hour burner using gas oil at 15p per litre used for an eighteen hour day would save £4 per day with A FIBRE LINER fitted at 6% efficiency saving.

Many boilers which have dry back combustion chambers can be fitted with a fibre liner to reduce heat loss and improve furnace life. Suspended roof liners can be devised to suit most requirements and all light oil and gas fired boilers can be advantageously treated.



Development of deep crack which penetrated to door steelwork and showed signs of burning the paint and distorting the door. Dislodged refractory caused poor seal at edges and air leakage chilled burner flame causing soot formation. Old refractory removed, backing metal mesh positioned and FIBRE LINER installed within 2 ½ hours. Boiler fired directly after completion.

Temperature on cold face reduced by over 500% Cost of total installation 27% less than standard refractory.

Next time your boiler door refractory needs repair why not reduce your boiler shutdown time and improve its efficiency by calling Combustion Linings to install a FIBRE-LINER.

NOTE: as far as cost is concerned the overall cost of a FIBRE LINER is less than conventional heavy refractory.


  1. Increased boiler efficiency (5%-12%).
  2. Reduced weight on hinges.
  3. Longer refractory life.
  4. Cooler working conditions.
  5. Noise reduced.

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