Cofax Castables for incinerators

The COFAX range of Castables has been designed to cover the general needs of industry High temperature dense castables are for use in zones where severe heat conditions occur while lightweight insulation castables are for use as backing materials to reduce heat losses. As a general rule castables are best used for duty not less than within 400 °C of their maximum service temperature. This ensures that the material is fully matured and a good ceramic bond is formed. For special conditions where gas erosion or mechanical abrasion occurs purpose made castable mixes can be supplied to suit.


  1. Empty the aggregate from the bag, and mix thoroughly
  2. Add clean water gradually folding the mixture in until it reaches a workable consistancy. Be careful not to exceed the amount of water required for workability as this leads to segregation and reduces bond strength. Castables in the COFAX range require from one to two gallons of water per cu.ft of finished concrete.
  3. After the initial set has taken place, normally from 4 to 6 hours after casting, the concrete should be kept moist with damp sacking or by sprinkling with water.
  4. Bring castables into service by gradually heating to allow surface and combined water to escape. A rate of 200 °C per hour should not be exceeded. If the concrete is exposed to a high temperature flame is advisable to adhere to a 1 minute on and 2 minute off rota at least for the first hour of heating. N.B. IT IS ONLY ON THE INITIAL FIRING THAT THE ABOVE PRECAUTION NEED BE TAKEN.

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