These light weight ceramic fibre panels made from end-on angle-cut mat are specially designed for gas and light oil fired cast-iron sectional and welded steel boilers. Each set of Fibre-Liner panels are custom made to suit the particular boiler ordered. They are easy to carry and simple to install and yet remain robust enough to withstand rough handling.

Ceramic fibre is a superb high temperature insulation material with a low heat storage capacity and a total resistance to thermal shock. It is chemically inert and is unaffected by any substances found in boiler house fuels including sulphuric acid. However additives or boiler cleaning preparations using hydrofluric acids and concentrated alkalis should be avoided. If saturated by water, steam or oil the thermal characteristics remain unaffected after drying.

Fibre-Liners have a high heat reflectance particularly suitable where gaseous fuels are used which have flames of low luminosity Their low thermal mass promotes overall boiler efficiency and eliminates boiler heat-lag problems due to high density massive refractory linings. Their high resilience and complete thermal shock resistance means they have longer service life than conventional brickwork. Fibre- Liners could make up to 13%0 fuel saving on your boiler operation and yet they cost less than conventional refractory linings.

Ceramic Fibre-Liners have the following outstanding qualities:-

1. Good cold handling strength.
2. Low thermal conductivity (0.05W/m °C).
3. Low heat storage Specific heat capacity 1.13J/kg °C).
4. Light in weight (140kg/m3).
5. Complete thermal shock resistance.
6. Thermal stability
7. Melting point above 1760 °C.
8. High Alumina Content
9. Resistance to high gas velocities.
10. High heat reflectance.
11. Noise reduction.


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